Federal government employees tend to donate to the Democratic Party and its candidates. CFPB employees donate to Democratic Party candidates at a higher rate than any other federal agency.

Below are the top 10 federal government agencies in terms of donations to the Democratic Party.

Agency Percent Donated to Democrats
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 97%
National Council on Disability 97%
Department of Education 95%
United States Agency for International Development 93%
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 89%
United States Postal Service 87%
National Labor Relations Board 87%
Director of National Intelligence 86%
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 85%

The CFPB has the authority to regulate nearly every segment of the financial industry in some way, but does not have to ask Congress for funding or prove that it’s achieving its stated goals while maintaining a fiscally responsible budget.

Many Republicans in Congress have sought to impose more accountability and Congressional oversight on the agency. If they had it their way, the agency wouldn’t be able to spend $95 million on a building renovation or nearly half a million on sign language translation for just two employees without justifying that spending to Congress. It therefore makes sense that the agency’s employees mostly donate to the CFPB’s biggest supporters in Congress.

Working for Obama’s presidential campaign is also often a precursor to a high paying job at the CFPB. At least two high-level CFPB officials, Scott Pluta and Chris D’Angelo, served as key members of Obama’s election campaign. Other officials served in the president’s administration (and were paid on the much lower GS scale) before moving over to the high-paying CFPB.