Last week, former Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) employee, Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, was arrested and charged for multiple felonies including aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, and terroristic threats.

AFR is a progressive non-profit which has been a huge advocate in the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Alcoff previously served as AFR’s spokesperson and has been featured in press releases for Sen. Diane Feinstein and Sen. Tammy Baldwin advocating for stricter financial reform regulations. Last year, Alcoff even appeared with Congressman Beyer in front of CFPB headquarters calling for the end of Payday Lending.

Alcoff’s felonies stem from his participation as an organizer with the controversial Smash Racism DC, an Antifa group.

Upon realization of Alcoff’s ties to Smash Racism, AFR attempted to hide all evidence of Alcoff’s work with the organization by altering the way his name was seen on their website and have since only provided the statement that he is “no longer works for AFR.”

Politicians who have continued to use resources provided by AFR to advocate for additional financial regulations should ease caution in dealing with a shady organization whose employees have ties to Antifa organizations and violent behavior.