While the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) claims to be a “nonpartisan organization dedicated to fostering an informed discourse on U.S. financial institutions policy,” a closer look at CFPB employees’ political donations paints a slightly different picture. According to a review of Federal Election Commission (FEC) data on 15 U.S. agencies and departments, 100 percent of campaign contributions made by the agency’s employees went to Democratic candidates.

It leaves the CFPB tied for the country’s most politically biased federal entity—alongside the National Endowment for the Humanities, National Transportation Safety Board, and Peace Corps. By contrast, workers at the United States Agency for International Development and National Aeronautics and Space Administration gave 79 and 73 percent (respectively) of their political donations to Democrats. Even the Obama administration’s Justice Department was more diverse in its workforce’s political preferences. (Learn more here.)

It confirms that, while the CFPB preaches nonpartisanship, one-sided politicking is the agency’s bread and butter.