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Maeve Brown

Maeve Brown is a member of the Consumer Advisory Board and currently the Executive Director of the Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA). HERA receives hundreds of thousands in federal grants in addition to hiring minorities to approach loan officers as borrows to see if they are treated differently. Before that, Brown was Director of Predatory Lending, Section 8 Homeownership and Rural Housing Service Foreclosure Avoidance Initiatives at the National Housing Law Project. Brown was also founder of People’s Community Partnership Federal Credit Union (PCPFCU), a community bank in Oakland, California. PCPFCU started with only half of the minimum capital ratio required by regulators to start a credit union. Financial troubles ensued during the recession and the bank was purchased by Self-Help Credit Union of North Carolina. Maeve Brown, a long-time regulator and pursuer of those who did not follow regulations, was apparently unable to follow regulations.