1. Jun

    Former CFPB Employee Says Agency Run Like a ‘Plantation’

    CFPB staffers may be paid more than other federal agencies, but more money doesn’t seem to equal better treatment. At a House Financial Services subcommittee meeting this week, former CFPB quality assurance monitor Kevin Williams described how the agency belittles its black employees–even reinforcing stereotypes by offering employees fried chicken at a company lunch. Williams […]

  2. Apr

    Did the CFPB secretly pay an audience member supportive of the agency’s work?

    Before the CFPB issues controversial rules, the agency generally holds a series of town hall meetings to gather feedback from the public. Most people would assume that the audience participants who give their thoughts to the panelists are private citizens offering their opinions. But the CFPB recently paid for an audience member to travel and […]

  3. Sep

    REPORT: Valid concerns about CFPB’s transparency and information privacy

    Since its inception three years ago, the CFPB has made several errors, raised concerns regarding the privacy of the information it collects, and is lacking transparency, according to a report issued yesterday. The report was the result of an in-depth review and analysis of the CFPB conducted by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative’s Consumer […]

  4. Sep

    GAO finds CFPB consumer data privacy and security weaknesses

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO), an independent agency which provides Congress with audit, evaluation, and investigative services, said this week that the CFPB needs to its improved privacy and security procedures. The determination came following a review of 12 of the CFPB’s “large-scale data collection efforts.” The CFPB’s data collections examined by the GAO include […]

  5. Aug

    Congressmen Concerned With CFPB

    This week, members of two U.S. Congressional Committees sent a formal letter to CFPB Director Richard Cordray outlining serious concerns and problems with the new agency. In particular, the Committees requested more information regarding the departure of Raj Date (the agency’s former second-in-command) and the creation of his new “consumer finance advisory” firm, Fenway Summer LLC. In […]

  6. Jul

    CFPB Director Confirmed

    Richard Cordray was officially confirmed as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over two years after President Obama announced he would appoint Cordray to the post. Senate Republicans previously blocked Cordray’s nomination in the hopes of reforming the CFPB’s structure to make the powerful agency more accountable to Congress. The GOP was unable to bring the CFPB’s powers […]

  7. Jul

    The CFPB and Campaign Donations

    Federal government employees tend to donate to the Democratic Party and its candidates. CFPB employees donate to Democratic Party candidates at a higher rate than any other federal agency. Below are the top 10 federal government agencies in terms of donations to the Democratic Party. Agency Percent Donated to Democrats Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 97% […]

  8. Jul

    The CFPB’s Spending Habits

    Consumer activists pushed for the creation of the CFPB to reign in the perceived excesses of the financial industry and service providers. But the very agency charged with keeping the financial industry in check is now spending recklessly with federal funding. To demonstrate the CFPB’s financial excesses, just take a quick look at its employee […]